FrequentlY ASKED Questions

The following documents may be attached to the application:

  • Priority Document/s and the official translation if the document is not in English;
  • Priority Examination Request made under oath;
  • Declaration of Actual Use (DAU) following the requirements under the Trademark Regulations;
  • Other documents that the applicant may provide to support the application, including the Special Power of Attorney, the Regulations that govern the use of Collective Marks, etc..

The applicant needs to make sure that the documents attached comply with the requirements of the IPOPHL, otherwise, the applicant may be requested to submit the document/s again. The submission of some documents also impacts on the fees to be paid. The applicant needs to check the schedule of fees  (http://www.ipophil.gov.ph/services/trademark/fees) of the IPOPHL.

The attachments must be in PDF, preferably searchable.