FrequentlY ASKED Questions

There are two options that may be selected when indicating the goods and/or services covered in the application. The applicant may:

  • search for the term/s from the list of goods and services that are accepted by the IPOPHL; or
  • provide the goods and/or services after selecting the class that covers the term/s.

Once the terms are provided, the ASEAN TMclass will perform an automatic validation of the terms selected or provided by the applicant and the report will be shown on the page whether the terms are correctly classified.

If the terms are indicated as incorrectly classified, can the applicant still proceed with the inclusion of such terms?

Yes, but the examiner will evaluate whether the terms will be accepted and the corresponding class/es to which the terms are classified. If the terms fall under classes that are not included in the application, the applicant will be required to pay an additional fee or remove the terms from the application. This evaluation will delay the processing of the application.