A Utility Model is a protection option, which is designed to protect innovations that are not sufficiently inventive to meet the inventive threshold required for standard patents application. It may be any useful machine, implement, tools, product, composition, process, improvement or part of the same, That is of practical utility, novelty and industrial applicability. A utility model is entitled to seven (7) years of protection from the date of filing, with no possibility of renewal.
eUMfile system is an online filing system of the IPOPHL for filing and payment of new Utility Model applications without the need to come to the IPOPHL office or its satellite offices(IPSOs).
Please refer to the following link:


Any individual or juridical entity may file a patent application. For non-resident, applicant should appoint a Resident Agent or Patent Attorney.
There is no need for registration to be able to file applications online. The system is free of charge and accessible to everyone as long as the applicant has an internet connection and active email address.
The UM eFiling system is preferably supported by the latest version of Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome. Please take note that to ensure session security, cookies can be disabled.
The system is available 24/7, except when the system is under maintenance. Maintenance schedule will be posted at the IPOPHL website.
Yes, the IPSO Officers may also assist the applicant, if necessary, in filing the electronic application.
Documents must be formatted for electronic filing into Portable Document Format (PDF) and the file name is required as follows:
• Specification covering the disclosure of the application,
• Abstract covering the summary or gist of the application,
• Claims covering the protection sought to be registered and
• Drawings, if any.
All PDFs must be full text searchable prior to uploading into the system. Parties are encouraged to use the “Convert to PDF” function for MS Office files to ensure the PDF is full text searchable. For hard copies, it shall be scanned and saved as PDF.
No. The electronic application containing all the information and the attachments supplied by the applicant or the applicant’s representative will be automatically uploaded into the IPOPHL Database. Please make sure that you have provided all the necessary information when you file the application online. In the event, however the IPOPHL requires the submission of the paper copy of the attachments, the applicant or representative will be notified by the IPOPHL.
An electronic copy of the Statement of Account (SOA) and PDF copy of the application form will be sent to the email account of applicant or agent, in real time.
The system will automatically compute the required fees during the application process. Further, a copy of the Statement of Account (SOA) that includes the details of required fee payable to IPOPHL will be emailed together with the electronic copy of the application form. The existing rate of filing fees are as follows:

For small entity the amount is Php 1737.20
For big entity the amount is Php 3636.

The fees should be paid within one month from the filing date of the application.
Application fees may paid by:
  • Direct payment to the IPOPHL office cashier
  • Paying online through Dragonpay
Choosing how to pay the application is included as a last step to this e-Filing system.
No, BUT you need to bring the Statement of Account (SOA) which states your payment reference no. and the amount you need to pay. The SOA is generated when you complete the e-Filing process. The IPOPHL cashier CANNOT accept your payment if you do not have the SOA for that particular transaction.
Dragonpay is an online payment solution that enables an IPOPHL client to use his/her existing online banking facility or pay cash over-the-counter at physical retail channels. Dragonpay automatically monitors the online and offline payments made by the client and notifies IPOPHL of a completed payment so that IPOPHL can completely process the application filed online. For details on Dragonpay, click this link
No. Dragonpay will facilitate payment transactions by linking up with several payment partners (Philippine banks and non-banks only), which will collect your payment on behalf of IPOPHL. This option is open to the general public, and there is no Dragonpay account that needs to be opened to enable this option.
Presently, Dragonpay enables payment through the following modes:
1. Pay directly online using the following Philippine bank accounts: BDO, BPI, Metrobank, RCBC, Unionbank, LandBank.
2. Pay cash Over-the-Counter at selected banks namely BDO, BPI, Metrobank, RCBC, RCBC Savings, UCPB, and Unionbank. Check payments are accepted but are subject to bank clearing guidelines. Additionally, you can also pay through the ATM machines of the following banks: BDO, BPI, Unionbank, RCBC, and UCPB.
3. Pay cash Over-the-Counter at selected payment collection centers such as LBC branches, SM Payment Counters, Robinsons Department Stores, Cebuana Lhuillier and M. Lhuillier branches nationwide.
4. Use mobile payments namely Globe GCash and BPI BanKO.

Yes. Please take note that, on top of the IPOPHL filing fees, Dragonpay and the different payment channels will charge their own convenience fees that will be paid by the transacting client. DTI-DOF Joint Department Administrative Order (JDAO) No. 10-01 s. 2010 allows electronic payment service providers to collect convenience fees from the transacting client. Please refer to the Table of Charges/Fees of Payment Channels here.
The login ID and password that is being prompted from you is your online or Internet banking login ID and password with your bank. This is the same login ID and password you use when you check your bank account balance over the Internet. Dragonpay does not require a separate ID and password other than the one you already have. For more details, please click this link.
Yes, but you will still need to hire a resident agent or an authorized representative in the Philippines who will thereafter prosecute the application in behalf of you or your company. A copy of the Special Power of Attorney or Appointment of Resident Agent should be submitted as soon as possible.
The following documents may be attached to the online application:
  • Priority Document/s and the English translation if the document is not in English;
  • Other documents that the applicant may provide to support the application, including the Special Power of Attorney and Deed of Assignment; and
  • Declaration of the applicant’s small entity status as required in Sec. 5.3 of IPOPHL Memorandum Circular No. 16-012 Series of 2016. (Effective 01 Jan 2017)

  • The attachments must be in PDF, preferably searchable.
    Please contact the Patents Records Management Division at
    (632) 238-6300 local 3312
    from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM,
    Monday through Friday
    to answer your query and concerns with regards to IPOPHL UM eFiling system.